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Whats the idea?

The plan is to assist BTRFS developers and help them to capture bugs at early stage itself. Right now, build page takes Repo and branch name. In coming days, plan to add option to apply or revert specific patch. This is web gui over btrfsqa This will allow anyone to login and launch the tests without worrying about setting up their own environment or creating aws accounts.

What it does?

Once you login and launch the build, the build process begins with given btrfs repo and branch. You can monitor the build logs live. After completion the results/logs/screencasts will be stored in a public github repo.


Though this can be used for any File system, lets begin with BTRFS for now :-)

Future plans?

Lot of things can done depending on interest:
- Add option to include or exclude patch(s). 

- Allow user to upload their own kernel config file for builds. 

- Allow user to select test scripts they like to run.

- Notify user via email once build process completes.

- Automatically detect any patch which causes regression. 

- Allow login to test-machine to monitor cpu/io/dmesg 

- Any suggestions? 

Was this stable?

At this moment(Dec-19), its in early beta version. You may run into some issues. If you find bugs just raise a github issue.

About Author

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